Fishing in Mauritius

Like they say – There are plenty of fish in the Sea! When you are literally surrounded by the Ocean, wouldn’t you want to fling that cord and have your great big catch? Do it the Mauritian style by experiencing your finest fishing experience! Mauritius is ideally positioned to access the many exciting species of fish that frequent the warm, tropical waters.
Since its early days fishing has had a significant part in every-day life of the local Mauritians. Of course, throughout the years, with the increase in the number of visitors to the Island the game-fishing industry has developed to the point that one can enjoy large variety of exciting fishing trips in Mauritius. In addition to the fishing adventure itself, you will get to enjoy breathtaking views of the lagoons and of the many islets (small islands) surrounding Mauritius – a great adventure for itself. You don’t have to be a fisherman! But it truly is a great opportunity to enjoy a day of sailing and fun.
Mauritius also has varieties of fish like Bonito and Dorado that are popular in many other locations, but are much bigger in Mauritius. A Mako shark that weighed in at 1115 pounds is a nice example of Mauritius’ abundance of big fish! Excited? So then don’t forget to check out the Big Game Fishing on fishing banks, which are some 200 km away from Mauritius. The thriving banks are every fisherman’s dream. You can be sure to wind in a mighty catch.home-2
Few of the many activities that you could try out on your trip to this Paradise Island are:
• Tight lines
• Bonito rides
• Dorado rides
• Catch and release
• Bottom Fishing
• Stand up / Light tackle Fishing
• Jigging
• Big Game 1/2 Day
• Big Game full Day
Search nowhere! You just need to refer to JPH Charters or Royal Big Game Fishing for your fishing experience. All aboard everyone!





Author: Discover Mauritius™

Discover Mauritius™ Mobile Application aims at helping tourists to explore the unconventional or the unseen beauty of Mauritius. There is no questioning the beauty of Mauritius' beaches, and the famous powder white sands, which slope gently into sapphire blue waters, have long lured visitors to the island. Yet beyond their achingly picturesque aesthetics lies an island waiting to be discovered: markets hum, gardens bloom, swathes of feather-tipped sugarcane ripple across undulating fields and moss green mountains frame a verdant, compact landscape that spills into the Indian ocean – it is truly a tropical island paradise.

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