Из России в Маврикий (From Russia To Mauritius)

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We are overwhelmed by the tremendous increase of Russian citizens’ interest in this tiny Paradise Island! With over 32 flights from Moscow, you now have the opportunity to explore and make the best of your holiday planning in your desired budget!

Like every cloud has a silver lining, you now have this chance to plan your own itinerary and set your budget to a realistic one so in the end, you get the maximum benefit of actually planning your much awaited vacation, your own way!

First things first, here is what you need to know. No agency is going to help you out with such an information, so take out your pens and paper and note this down! If you are a tourist traveling from Moscow to Mauritius, the average air ticket price from Moscow – Domodedovo Airport to Mauritius is 60,000 RUB if you chose to travel by Emirates Airlines. There are no direct flights available due to the distance hence, usually you shall have a stopover at Dubai and further change your flight towards Mauritius. The duration of the flight depends from 16 – 17 hours. Other Flights such as Air France seem to take longer duration and expensive. So you can prefer to chose your airline if you have a lesser rate available.

Upon arrival, you can book a cab which will cost you around 1500 Rs. The total price from and back to the airport would be around 3000 Rs. MUR

For your accommodation of 4Nights and 5 Days, your stay price will be around €59(euros) per night. You can chuck the same old five star hotel which are usually located far away on the Island and rather book a serviced apartment which is a minute walk from the beach! How beautiful is that! Look at Silverleaf Apartments located in Flic en Flac, the tourist hub of Mauritius, http://www.silverleafmauritius.com as they have studio and 2BHK rooms which are luxurious and at affordable prices! You have everything you need and we guarantee, you will call this your home!

Now what? You want to explore the Island? Take a visit to Ile Aux Cerfs or the Island of Deers and get enchanted. This trip (including land transfers to East Coast and back + speedboat Transfer to island + GRSE waterfall visit + BBQ lunch) will cost you minimum 3000 MUR per person, the prices can go down if there are more than 3 people accompanying on the tour. You can go on your much awaited shopping spree in this tax haven and explore other activities such as Dolphin watching, Catamaran Cruise, Parasailing, Undersea Walk, A walk with Lions and much more within a range of 3000 MUR per person!

With all that Information, there is nothing stopping you now! To plan your perfect holiday, just download the Discover Mauritius Mobile app and fill up the Plan Your Trip section, the rest will be looked after for you!

Happy Holidays!





Author: Discover Mauritius™

Discover Mauritius™ Mobile Application aims at helping tourists to explore the unconventional or the unseen beauty of Mauritius. There is no questioning the beauty of Mauritius' beaches, and the famous powder white sands, which slope gently into sapphire blue waters, have long lured visitors to the island. Yet beyond their achingly picturesque aesthetics lies an island waiting to be discovered: markets hum, gardens bloom, swathes of feather-tipped sugarcane ripple across undulating fields and moss green mountains frame a verdant, compact landscape that spills into the Indian ocean – it is truly a tropical island paradise.

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