Santa on an Island!

Psychologically, your brain connects the Christmas feeling to a cold snowy winter. Well, when you are on an Island, even the scorching hot sun does not stop Santa from riding his reindeers!

Mauritius having a diversified culture, about 30% to 40% of the total population is Christian. And as the season approaches, this festive spirit spreads amongst all the citizens of the Island, young and old. Such is the unity in this diversity! Right through mid November onwards, you begin to see the atmosphere around you change to glittery decor across the streets, Shops and Malls setting up a nativity scene, Decor items on sale and gigantic Christmas trees popping around in your vicinity.

Then comes the time to shop till you drop. The season brings with it amazing offers and discounts on clothing, toys, Savory items, creative art and crafts and much more. If you are looking to shop for the perfect gift for your loved ones, head to Jumbo in Phoenix or Bagatelle Mall where you have variety of stores to choose from. But our favourite this season is the Concept Store. This store has everything and for everyone! With its crazy weekend sales and attractive pricing, no wonder you are always greeted with a large queue. The best time to visit here is in the mornings. Better early than late! You don’t want to miss out on any stock and rather begin to shop now for as by the mid month, everyone is rushing to begin their shopping.

There is joy and happiness all around as during the festive season, shops are open for a late night shopping spree. You can see youngsters and parents moving around, sorting their bag full of goodies and happy kids trotting down the street.

You don’t need snow, all you need is a reason to celebrate! Hop on that sleigh and get christmassy!


Author: Discover Mauritius™

Discover Mauritius™ Mobile Application aims at helping tourists to explore the unconventional or the unseen beauty of Mauritius. There is no questioning the beauty of Mauritius' beaches, and the famous powder white sands, which slope gently into sapphire blue waters, have long lured visitors to the island. Yet beyond their achingly picturesque aesthetics lies an island waiting to be discovered: markets hum, gardens bloom, swathes of feather-tipped sugarcane ripple across undulating fields and moss green mountains frame a verdant, compact landscape that spills into the Indian ocean – it is truly a tropical island paradise.

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