10 Reasons Why Discover (Mauritius)™ is Useful!


You may have lived in Mauritius your entire life but how much of its beauty have you seen? Wouldn’t you like to explore it in quest of its most beautiful gems and spots?  If you’re in for an incredible journey, tie your belts and grab your Discover (Mauritius)™ App because here’s how it can be useful to you too!


Find the nearest points of interest in a few clicks!


Wherever you live on the island, Discover (Mauritius)™ will help you find nearby places to visit around you thanks to its offline tech and geolocalisation tools. Want to try new restaurants, stores and other places of interest? An array of places to visit that you may not know about can be found in the “Things to do” section. Plus, with our ongoing push notification alert system, you will instantly receive messages about nearby places that are worth a stop!


Whether you are a tourist or not, budget is something a lot of people pay attention to when picking the places they go to. With all the restaurants, activities, products, services, shops and other facilities put forward by Discover (Mauritius)™, you as a local or expat will be the first to know about ongoing deals and promotions! All you have to do is either click on the push messages you receive or access all your them from your Profile whenever you feel like it. Who can say no to spending little and making the most of this small haven we live in?


Listen to 100% Mauritian Music All Day, Every Day!


Freshly launched onto the App, Discover (Mauritius)™ Radio enables users to listen to 100% local music! Thanks to this platform, you’ll get the chance to discover new artists you may not have heard about and to enjoy local tracks packed with rhythms and local vibes! By using our app to listen to them, you help in supporting the musical sphere of Mauritius by sharing it everywhere. Plus, you’ll basically have a fun modern-day Mauritian walkman you can carry wherever you go!


Chat with other Locals and Travelers!


Did you know that it is possible to connect with other people on Discover (Mauritius)™ ? Well, in the section “Chat”, you are able to talk to people from wherever they are. The world is a global culture and Mauritius is no exception to it. Share ours with other people living abroad and learn from them as well.


Read the Latest News about Mauritius!


As soon as you open the app, Discover (Mauritius)™ suggests you some articles that are worth a read. You might certainly ask yourself: “How are they helpful to me as a local?” Simple: Check out our articles about what’s going on in the island to make the most of it! Wondering where to bring your kids? Or what to do when visiting the capital? Find out more on our App!


Share your Photos of Paradise with the World!


In just one click, it is possible to capture a moment that can last forever: A sunset, a mesmerising view from a mountain top, wildlife animals in a park, a rainbow of colors on a vegetable stall at the market and so much more! Store and share these artworks on Discover (Mauritius)™ in the “Gallery” section. By sharing these photographs on our app, you help in promoting the beauty of your island with people from abroad, making them want to come and see it with their own eyes!


Find incredible places to stay at for the weekend! 


Relaxation is all you need after a hectic week at work! Hotels, B&B, holiday homes, lodges… All these accommodation options are not meant just for people coming from abroad. It is possible for you to find that one picture perfect place to take a break from your daily routine. Check out the ‘Places to stay’ to access a list of accommodations with all required details that will fit your needs and wants are available on Discover (Mauritius)™!


Share your reviews with other users!


You have visited a restaurant and had an amazing experience there? Why not share your experiences with others on our app so they can enjoy it too? Recommend and review your favorite places in Mauritius to help people find their way around but also the most authentic, and worth-a-stop spots!


Be the First to know about upcoming Events in Town!


Anything planned for the weekend? Want to attend an event? But which one? Find out about the latest happenings on the island! To do just that, check out the ‘Events’ section on Discover (Mauritius)™ to access information about various events that you can enjoy alone or in groups. From concerts, festivals, conferences, retreats and shows you will always find something to suit your tastes and desires!


 Ask for a Custom Trip Request on Special Occasions!


Got an important life event coming up and want to make it special? Write to us and send us your Custom Trip Request and we’ll help you draft a unique itinerary to make things as special as they could be! According to your request, you will soon receive a list of activities and event options we can recommend to help you build the memories you’ll cherish all your life!

We highly value locals as you help in contributing to the authenticity of the country. Your interaction with people from abroad can leave a positive mark on their holidays so why not help in creating a memorable experience, both for you and for them?

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[Port-Louis City Guide] The secret Gems of the Capital


Everywhere around the world, Capital cities have single-handedly transformed over the years into cultural cradles – never-sleeping nests to both the History and heritage of a country.  Mauritius is no exception! But what makes the Mauritian Capital so special? From its vibrant feel, its busy bar terraces lodged on the waterfront to its unique mix of modern business towers contrasted by its centuries-old rock-sculpted facades, Port-Louis is truly a melting pot that beautifully reflects the local diversity. Here’s a little itinerary we crafted just for you – Get ready to explore Port-Louis!


Rise and Shine. And begin your city exploration at the Marie Reine de la Paix monument (Virgin Mary). Nestled at the southern entrance of Port-Louis, Marie Reine de la Paix literally is  an open-air church located next to Signal Mountain where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Climb up the 80-or-so steps of the monument to catch a unique view of the harbour and breathe in the cool hilly breeze with the distant noises of car honks as background. We promise you won’t regret it! While it rarely appears on tourist guides, Marie Reine de la Paix is a prized spot for marriage proposals and long romantic walks in its blooming gardens. Upon leaving the site, stop at Cote Jasmin Jardin Bar for an espresso or to sample its young Mauritian Chef’s morrocan couscous in a cozy garden-like restaurant found at the foot of Marie-Reine de la Paix.


Let’s continue this adventure inside this buzzing capital, shall we? Port Louis definitely doesn’t miss anything, especially historical sites, street food, busy people and crowded shops! By this point you might have noticed that you are walking on pavements made of cobblestones and granite setts. As you get deeper into the capital you will see the ancient architecture left by the French and British when they colonised the island. You might be wondering: Where should I go first? Well, let us help you! Right across Le Caudan, you will find yourself on La Place d’Armes. From here it all begins! Walk away from the waterfront and you should soon find the Jardin de la Compagnie (Company Garden), one that is home to ancient banyan trees and majestic statues.


During your journey, you will certainly come across gigantic street artworks. These urban art pieces have been made by local and international artists such as Gael Froget, Evan Sohun, Wenna and many more; and most of them are made on great architectural structure that gives a touch of the new generation to those rustic buildings. The once grim historical walls of the capital are slowly getting filled with vibrant, attractive colors and eccentric designs! You can have fun looking for those throughout the city and get all the snapshots you need to feed your Instagram page!


One of the busiest parts of Port-Louis can be found at its very centre – not  from The Company Garden. Head to the Emmanuel Anquetil building – a happening spot for business and administrative work. All around, you can roam any street you like to explore the authentic side of the city, including the Government House and the emblematic Theater of Port-Louis. On your way, you will most certainly come across Hindu temples, pagodas, churches and mosques and all in one city! These places add to the liveliness of the city and to the people. Better yet, some of those religious sites can be visited such as the Sockalingum Kovil, Kwan Tee Pagoda, the St. Louis Cathedral and the Jummah Mosque. All those religious sites contain great history and perhaps you might learn a bit about the different cultures that exist in Mauritius.


From the city centre, head to the market of Port-Louis – one of the best places to immerse into the local crowd. From women shopping for fresh vegetables for tonight’s dinner to people who quench their thirst for a fresh glass of alouda, the market is a lively spot where you can also purchase local hand-made souvenirs to bring back in your suitcases. Keep in mind that the market is based on both sides of the road. You can visit either or both to witness local people’s routine and the beautiful colors of the market with your own eyes.


After this long stroll through Port Louis, time to lunch! And what better way to satiate your hunger than by tasting local street food? Head to Chinatown to refuel. Trust your guts and enter any restaurant you like to enjoy the Mauritian version of diverse chinese cuisine. Inspired by chinese traditions and recipes, Chinatown restaurants offer a variety of savoury dishes and flavours you can indulge in to get a taste of local cuisine!


If you don’t mind spending a few bucks then head to l’Atelier Kafé. This stoned longhouse gives to the café an elegant, rustic style that will make you feel at home. Their dishes are absolutely the right mixture between mauritian and western cuisine that will give you all the feels each bite you take! They also have a library right above the café where you’ll be able to learn about the mauritian culture, and book lovers will definitely fall in love with all the classic they sell: from local writers to international ones!

Tel: 2082816

12, St-Louis Street,Port Louis, Mauritius

Email:  contact@lartelier-mu.co


We can’t think of a better place to spend the rest of the day than the o-so-popular Caudan Waterfront. With its cozy vibes and medium-end to luxury stores, Le Caudan Waterfront is a great landmark for cultural happenings. You can go window-shopping or sit back at one of the waterfront bars to enjoy a cold beer or head to The Deck for a unique boat-restaurant experience. While you’re there, you should absolutely visit the Blue Penny Museum which is home to one of the rarest postal stamps in the world, taste some freshly made sugarcane juice and enjoy the company of the wood sculptor based right next to the Labourdonnais Hotel’s entrance. If you love music and arts, head to Le Caudan Arts centre. The newly launched multi-theater Arts centre offers a variety of shows, plays, music concerts and art exhibitions you will most certainly love!


Now that you’ve got all the key places in mind, you can finally make the most of your city tour! Enjoy and let us know if there’s any spot you found and loved that we didn’t mention in our article!

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Carry Mauritius with you wherever you go!

Nothing’s better than an item which reminds you of the good times spent during a trip! Isn’t that what souvenirs are for anyway? To mark your time in Mauritius why not get you and your loved ones something unique and original so you can carry a piece of this beautiful island everywhere you go? Discover our 100% Made in Moris Pendant and Bracelets designed by the prestigious local Jewel-making Master Ravior.


Simple yet elegant, the Discover(Mauritius)™ pendants and bracelets are the perfect souvenirs for bringing you back to the island without having to cross oceans. They will embellish your neck or your wrist while adding a tropical and bespoke feel to your outfit. Every piece has been minutely designed to be delicate and fashionable, but also long-lasting. They perfectly suit men, women and children of all ages. After all, they’ve been made just for you and come in limited editions!


Just when you thought you couldn’t keep those memories alive, Discover(Mauritius)™ got you all sorted out. Now every time you glance at yourself in the mirror or look at your wrist, you will be able to travel in time and space and end up on the powder-sand beaches of Mauritius island!


Get in touch with us for your Limited Edition Bracelet and Pendant!

Ultimate Things to do in the East!

If you ever want a postcard shot of Mauritius, the east coast is where you’ll want to be heading. Not your usual touristy spot, the East bears all the paradise-like features you would seek when coming to Mauritius Island with that added touch of authenticity. From the best water activities to getting a massage with your other half off our shores while the sun sets, here’s the Discover(Mauritius)™ must-explore list for the mystical east !

Candock Wellness


Picture this. Tying the knot with the person you love the most on earth with the jaw-dropping background of the sun setting down. Or sailing off the shores of Mauritius while the delicate hands of a masseuse puts you in a state of intenses relaxation. What more could you ask for?

There’s one thing we can agree on: there are plenty things you can do on the island. But if you’re looking for that one out-of-the-ordinary experience, then pick the Candock Wellness Centre. Located in one of the most beautiful and calm beaches on our island, you will get to navigate the crystal clear water of Grand Gaube. Far from the prying eyes, Candock brings you and your loved ones intimacy and memorable moment  that will carry you away whether over an exquisite lunch, a massage or a happy event.


Be welcomed with a freshly-made infusion that will hydrate your body and flush out the toxins. The fresh flowers and cotton curtains will make you feel like you are on another island, away from the buzzing feels of the city. This private little cocoon can be entirely yours! Get pampered by a therapist with a relaxing massage with natural ingredients to nourish your body and revitalize your skin whilst getting a look on the picture perfect horizon. You can immortalize these cherished moments in an original way with a marriage proposal or a romantic lunch followed by a relaxing massage on this paradise-like dock. Is there any better way to experience the stillness of the sea and its magic?


Johaness Speedboat & Catamaran Cruises

We are surrounded by untamed, beautiful waters that are longing to be explored. With Johaness Entertainment, you can now enjoy private and luxurious excursions around the island with your loved ones!


Why get sun-kissed on the sand when you could do it on a large catamaran off the coasts of Mauritius? When the enchanting sound of the waves calls, it is indeed hard to resist! With its many islands sitting off the mainland, Discover(Mauritius)™ has got much for you. Johaness’ expert team of sailors will achieve just that by taking you to the hidden coves and locations you absolutely need to see when in Mauritius! From pure havens like the less known Ilot Margenie to the very popular Ile aux Cerfs, sail the seas and enjoy a lavish BBQ lunch while getting lost. You can either pick a thrilling speedboat ride or a catamaran cruise to gaze at breathtaking sunsets.


We’d also recommend you visit the Grand River South East Waterfall as well as the Blue Bay Marine Park. You can also experience sensational watersports activities such as parasailing and tube rides. You will get a private guide to help you along your trip and will be able to monitor you how to dive and where to dive. Are you ready for this unique adventure?



Embark yourself in a sensational unique and must do underwater experience with the Aquaventure Team. Looking for a safe, reliable and fun way to explore the oceans? Let their team of professional divers guide you into the underwater world to meet the beautiful creatures that fill up the waters of our paradise island!


Don’t have gills? Not an issue! More than just a snorkelling experience, breathing underwater is now possible of an unparalleled and effort-free exploration of the sea, of its magnificent coral reefs and its rich marine diversity. You’ll get to walk the sandy bottoms while trying to figure out the names of all the gilled-friends you can make in just one session! The activity is available for young ones and adults both. The best part? Even if you do not know how to swim, you can still put on your underwater helmet and enjoy this great experience!


You can even go extra with an actual underwater wedding proposal! Or how about an underwater wedding? Everything’s possible really. It’s up to you to be creative and Aquaventure will take care of the rest and make the most magical moment for you!


Gilda’s Restaurant

Somewhere in between an ancient creole facade and a rustic portuguese-styled house, Gilda’s Restaurant embodies perfectly the people of Mauritius and their diverse origins. With a cuisine that sways from authentic Mauritian flavours to recipes soaked in European, Asian and African culinary influences. And all of that, with one priceless view on the dazzling East coast.


Taste the freshest seafood at Gilda’s Restaurant with a menu full of different flavours from Pasta to Indian curries. And for the little story, Gilda, your host, has been in the culinary world for as far back as when she was a child. With her father owning his restaurant in Trou d’Eau Douce, she slowly began to develop her skills and her passion for cooking. Thanks to its unique set-up, tranquil feels and mouthwatering food, Gilda’s restaurant has become well known in the area by locals and is often referred to as an unexpected surprise by many travellers. Isn’t that reason enough to visit?


To Know more about the Ultimate things you can do in the East of Mauritius, please visit: Discover(Mauritius)™ Site or Download the App.

Can you Imagine what happens when it rains in Paradise?

It’s April and the Island’s got its own way of fooling us all with its weather transition period! You might step outside looking at this bright beautiful sunny day, make your plans by the beach or get that much awaited sun tan and then suddenly, out of nowhere, dark grey clouds start to hover above you in the skies and pour down that ocean full of rain… Not an add on you intended for, right? We are just through with the hot summers and now April brings with it the Transition period in Mauritius. So where ever you plan to go, always carry your umbrella with you. But what are we transitioning into? Well, more rain and to add a bit more drama, some winter chills. Yes fellas, Winter is coming, and we sure are feeling it!

If you are by the coast side during April, you might not feel the cold rush, but rather get soaked in the rain and sun at once, Because two is better than one! Well it might seem enjoyable and blissful for the Pluviophiles that are on a vacation but to some it is a dreaded getaway. In this case, you might want to rearrange your plans and rather experience the Island’s charms like a local does! Plus it turns out to be fun as you get to live through some of the greatest adventure you ever dreamed of. There are a couple of things to do when it rains in Mauritius:

Go visit a Museum and pick your brains with the History and Tradition of the Island life. You may head to Blue Penny Museum, The Chateau de La Bourdonnais, Eureka House where you are going to be left mind boggled when perspectives trick you and also have a go at the Frederik Hendrik Museum to relive the Dutch and French reigns. This is where you can bring your kids along too so you don’t have any excuses to sit cuddled up in your blanket!

You may also go souvenir shopping at some of the creative stores in Caudan Waterfront. This is definitely a no brainer when mother nature is pouring her showers of blessings! You can take your time and stroll around, especially in the Craft Market where they have artistic handicrafts to bring back home for your loved ones.

And why would you not want to savor the Mauritian Gastronomy? Well, your excuses to stay in bed can be validated with this purpose as this Paradise Island offers a global pot of delicious tastes! We suggest you to go try out the Gateaux Piment or otherwise known as Chilli dumplings that burst into an aroma of spices and a tinge of chili. The best snack everyone enjoys on the go. You can order a bowl of Boulettes that are steamed balls of vegetables, meat, Fish Balls, and a variety of choices dipped in oriental soup, you can never go wrong with this one, Thanks to the Chinese community for this delicious invention! Oh and you sure cannot miss out on the assorted range of Tea flavors. Vanilla, Bergamot, Mint, Cardamom, Red Infusions and so many diverse selections of Tea, that will perfectly keep you warm during this dicey transition.

If you happen to stay in the center of the Island, don’t forget to stock up on your Tea supplies as well as a bowl full of steamed boulettes and the rest will be taken care of! Put some Sega on and invite your friends or gather around with your family and make this a bonding time that will transit to a next level!

The Secret to Fly Over Paradise

Almost everyone looks up at the sky and marvels its beauty and depth. As children, we always aspired to fly over deep valleys and high mountains and with these two, it is even more of a delight to discover one of World’s most beautiful Islands from up and above.

What do you get when you have Two friends, having a common passion for flying small aircrafts? You get to have an amazing time of your life flying high in the sky! This is how ‘Island Wings’ was born. A Brainchild of Bruno Darifat(Pilot/Owner of Island Wings) and Gaetan Paquay(Pilot/Owner of Skydive Austral) they offer the opportunity to Mauritians and tourists to see the paradise from the sky. Having a base situated at Mon Loisir and using the runway of Skydive Austral Ltd, Bruno opened a hydro base for hydroplane microlight at the Hotel Lux in Grand Gaube.


Almost everyone looks up at the sky and marvels its beauty and depth. As children, we always aspired to fly over deep valleys and high mountains and with these two, it is even more of a delight to discover one of World’s most beautiful Islands from up and above. Currently, they use 2 micro light models for the runway, a Skyranger and a Savannah and Bruno uses 2 other models for hydroplane – a hydro X-Air and a hydro Ekolot Junior. Because the planes are micro light, only 1 person per plane can be a passenger for the joy ride.


The view of Mauritius from the sky is just phenomenal! You can admire the azure lagoon water around the island as well as the emerald color of the sugarcane fields separated by a glittering white Beach. The gentle waves of this crystal clear sea will remind you of the soft foam of sparkling champagne that you can almost taste. People, as tiny as ants from above, going about their businesses and greenery contrasting the sea and glamorizing the inland Nature. From this point of view nothing matters to you than this incredible sight.

Spread your wings like a bird and dive into the atmosphere as if nothing is stopping you! Keep your stress at bay as you are assured of the outmost safety in the hands of experienced pilots and your activity takes place only in favorable weather conditions. It is recommended to make your book a day in advance so you can check the weather conditions as well as charge your cameras to the fullest!

The pricing goes according to the distance you wish to fly. For example, Rs. 3500 for 20 minutes, Rs. 4200 for 30 Min. or Rs. 8000 for an entire hour per person. You take off from the hydro base in Grand Gaube.

Here, Bruno offers flight at Rs. 5500 for 25 Minutes, Rs. 6500 for 30 Min. and Rs. 10500 for 60 minutes per person where you get to fly all over the North East and North West of Mauritius depending of the weather conditions.

Get, Set and lift off on the Island’s wings!

Reservation: +230 57290286 –  +230 54214987


What happens at this Event is Mindblowing!

Chinese New Year 2018
Chinese New Year Parade Mauritius
Discover Mauritius
Holidays in Mauritius
Experience Mauritius Culture

Wait, did you think New Year just passed you by? If you do, you probably haven’t visited this event yet! Unlike our New Year festivities, which always take place at midnight between December 31 and January 1, the Chinese version is a movable celebration – and the next one kicks off in mid-February. You may be already familiar with the cultural mélange in this paradise Island, and now is the perfect time that you also get to experience it.

Embrace your Dog days everyone, as the Year of the Dog is all set to bring auspicious changes in your lives, this February the 14th. This Chinese festival is celebrated with much splendor and fanfare across the Island. The main merriment is centered around Chinatown in Port Louis ushered with animated processions of Lion and Dragon Dances, an absolute treat to the onlookers!


As the color Red is considered auspicious by the Chinese, streets are adorned with Red Lanterns and authentic Chinese savory delights that waft their aromas in the air. Food such as delicious dumplings, springrolls, fish cakes and many other snacks are offered. When you are at the event, you won’t fail to notice the special New Year ‘Wax’ Cake – a steamed, gelatinous concoction made with flavorful dried fruit and rice flour, otherwise known as sticky cake, or Nian Gao, a must try on this special day! Many families offer a unique lucky Red Envelope stuffed with faux Chinese paper money or formerly known as ‘Foong Pao’ as a sign of sharing wealth and prosperity amongst everyone. You might as well keep one as a souvenir and can find it in local departmental stores.

Not just in the streets, even if you happen to venture at your hotel, it’s unlikely you will miss out on the fun as many Mauritian Restaurants and Hotels celebrate this day with great enthusiasm by decorating the public areas with red flowers, Chinese Umbrellas and Fans. You can enjoy lavish Chinese Buffets and multi course menus as a part of this delightful scenario. We suggest you to try the Bol Renverse and Chinese Stir Fry to stimulate your appetite!


This year, The parade will kick off from Champ de Mars, descend down Pope Hennessy street towards the Municipality of Port Louis, then veer into Royal road at the level of the Government House before proceeding towards Chinatown. A cultural show is scheduled at Chinatown with the participation of local and foreign artists and The Gansu Artistic Troupe.

So go ahead, mark your calendars and step into the new year with great opulence!


Chinese New Year Parade Info.