The Secret to Fly Over Paradise

Almost everyone looks up at the sky and marvels its beauty and depth. As children, we always aspired to fly over deep valleys and high mountains and with these two, it is even more of a delight to discover one of World’s most beautiful Islands from up and above.

What do you get when you have Two friends, having a common passion for flying small aircrafts? You get to have an amazing time of your life flying high in the sky! This is how ‘Island Wings’ was born. A Brainchild of Bruno Darifat(Pilot/Owner of Island Wings) and Gaetan Paquay(Pilot/Owner of Skydive Austral) they offer the opportunity to Mauritians and tourists to see the paradise from the sky. Having a base situated at Mon Loisir and using the runway of Skydive Austral Ltd, Bruno opened a hydro base for hydroplane microlight at the Hotel Lux in Grand Gaube.


Almost everyone looks up at the sky and marvels its beauty and depth. As children, we always aspired to fly over deep valleys and high mountains and with these two, it is even more of a delight to discover one of World’s most beautiful Islands from up and above. Currently, they use 2 micro light models for the runway, a Skyranger and a Savannah and Bruno uses 2 other models for hydroplane – a hydro X-Air and a hydro Ekolot Junior. Because the planes are micro light, only 1 person per plane can be a passenger for the joy ride.


The view of Mauritius from the sky is just phenomenal! You can admire the azure lagoon water around the island as well as the emerald color of the sugarcane fields separated by a glittering white Beach. The gentle waves of this crystal clear sea will remind you of the soft foam of sparkling champagne that you can almost taste. People, as tiny as ants from above, going about their businesses and greenery contrasting the sea and glamorizing the inland Nature. From this point of view nothing matters to you than this incredible sight.

Spread your wings like a bird and dive into the atmosphere as if nothing is stopping you! Keep your stress at bay as you are assured of the outmost safety in the hands of experienced pilots and your activity takes place only in favorable weather conditions. It is recommended to make your book a day in advance so you can check the weather conditions as well as charge your cameras to the fullest!

The pricing goes according to the distance you wish to fly. For example, Rs. 3500 for 20 minutes, Rs. 4200 for 30 Min. or Rs. 8000 for an entire hour per person. You take off from the hydro base in Grand Gaube.

Here, Bruno offers flight at Rs. 5500 for 25 Minutes, Rs. 6500 for 30 Min. and Rs. 10500 for 60 minutes per person where you get to fly all over the North East and North West of Mauritius depending of the weather conditions.

Get, Set and lift off on the Island’s wings!

Reservation: +230 57290286 –  +230 54214987


What happens at this Event is Mindblowing!

Chinese New Year 2018
Chinese New Year Parade Mauritius
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Wait, did you think New Year just passed you by? If you do, you probably haven’t visited this event yet! Unlike our New Year festivities, which always take place at midnight between December 31 and January 1, the Chinese version is a movable celebration – and the next one kicks off in mid-February. You may be already familiar with the cultural mélange in this paradise Island, and now is the perfect time that you also get to experience it.

Embrace your Dog days everyone, as the Year of the Dog is all set to bring auspicious changes in your lives, this February the 14th. This Chinese festival is celebrated with much splendor and fanfare across the Island. The main merriment is centered around Chinatown in Port Louis ushered with animated processions of Lion and Dragon Dances, an absolute treat to the onlookers!


As the color Red is considered auspicious by the Chinese, streets are adorned with Red Lanterns and authentic Chinese savory delights that waft their aromas in the air. Food such as delicious dumplings, springrolls, fish cakes and many other snacks are offered. When you are at the event, you won’t fail to notice the special New Year ‘Wax’ Cake – a steamed, gelatinous concoction made with flavorful dried fruit and rice flour, otherwise known as sticky cake, or Nian Gao, a must try on this special day! Many families offer a unique lucky Red Envelope stuffed with faux Chinese paper money or formerly known as ‘Foong Pao’ as a sign of sharing wealth and prosperity amongst everyone. You might as well keep one as a souvenir and can find it in local departmental stores.

Not just in the streets, even if you happen to venture at your hotel, it’s unlikely you will miss out on the fun as many Mauritian Restaurants and Hotels celebrate this day with great enthusiasm by decorating the public areas with red flowers, Chinese Umbrellas and Fans. You can enjoy lavish Chinese Buffets and multi course menus as a part of this delightful scenario. We suggest you to try the Bol Renverse and Chinese Stir Fry to stimulate your appetite!


This year, The parade will kick off from Champ de Mars, descend down Pope Hennessy street towards the Municipality of Port Louis, then veer into Royal road at the level of the Government House before proceeding towards Chinatown. A cultural show is scheduled at Chinatown with the participation of local and foreign artists and The Gansu Artistic Troupe.

So go ahead, mark your calendars and step into the new year with great opulence!


Chinese New Year Parade Info.

Summer Paradise – Your sunny plan!


Okay, here’s the thing. Its Summer, its hot and you just can’t seem to find the courage nor the enthusiasm to go out during the day. Well, we’ve got a plan for you that is going to get you out of that lazy pajamas and enjoy the Island vibes!

While the world is having its snowfall of the month, Mauritius has its bright sun shining out on you in December. The heat is strong around the coastal line and if you move towards the center of the Island, you can still bask in grey skies and rain! Such extremities of weather in such a small place, fascinating! But if you are the one still not wanting to get out during this Sunny shenanigan, we’re here to give you another reason to go and bask in this warm brilliance.

During summer, the first thing you need to do is drink ample of water as it keeps you hydrated. Once you do that, put on those Dodos and a pair of shorts and walk towards your nearest beach. The is good wind and the ocean water is cool during the day so you would love to have a dip in the ocean and get refreshed on this heated day.

You can pick up some chilled beers, we suggest you take the Phoenix Fresh as its citron flavor will give you that exact blast of uplifting taste. The best time to go is around 4:30 pm as the sun is not directly overhead so you can take pleasure in the warm and cold mélange of the ambience. This does ideally set your mood! By the time you are done taking a dip, it is almost evening and you can sip on that can while watching the beautiful sunset or grab a hot Roti or some delicious boulettes from the hawkers to fill up your growling tummy! Just have a moment of bliss and you will see how beautiful the nature surrounding this Island is.

Hey, don’t laze around just reading this. Get up and get going, Get some Vitamin Sea!

Summer is here in Mauritius!


Everyone put that sun spray out and get your flip-flops ready! Summer is here! Beautiful blue beaches and white powdered sands await your presence. Mauritius coastal line is flooded with tourists to get their glowing sun tan every year. If you haven’t tried snorkeling yet, this is the right time for you to jump in the cool waters. Explore the island’s bustling marine life by swimming with the Dolphins!


The best beaches to visit during summertime in Mauritius are Tamarin, Flic en Flac and GrandBaie. Flic en Flac has a good vibe as it is surrounded by delicious food hawkers, a supermarket and various restaurants, where you can go grab some quick munchies during your day out as well as active nightlife with a pretty good crowd. Grandbaie is a tourist HotSpot and is usually overcrowded. If you are looking for a sweet escape with your beloved with some much needed space, the Flic en Flac and Tamarin are the perfect choices for you.

And how can you miss out on the cold Alouda? – A local specialty drink made with milk, Basil seeds and vermicelli. A must try during this heaty exchange! Moreover, you can also find amazing and vibrant swimwear on display that don the Mauritian Dodo prints and lovely orchids.


You can end your day by sipping on a cool bootle of Goodwill – a local Rum or grab a can of Phoenix Beer and relax by surrendering yourself to the roaring of sea waves and the fresh salty smell of the Ocean.


Happy Summers to you!

Top Attractions for one day in Mauritius!


Want a crazy compilation of the top attractions and Tours in Mauritius to do in one day? Seek and you shall have! There are so many things to do on this Paradise Island that when you feel you are done seeing everything, you have actually just begun!

When the land is a tropical mixture of cultures around the globe, the top attractions get even vast in their range of choices. Mauritius is famous for its mixed cultural background thus allowing the tourists to explore the global phenomenon in a small tiny place! Forget the usual advertisement selling you only the luxurious aspect of the Island, as there is much more Mauritius has to offer.

Apart from the tours in Mauritius that are commonly offered to the tourists, take our word for it that one of the top attractions in Mauritius can be done in a day!


Start of early by eating some delicious Pork boiled noodles at Pret a Manger in Curepipe area and then begin your bumpy ride towards Grand Bassin. A 40 minutes journey full of natural scenic beauty, you would pinch yourself thinking it is a dream! As you reach this stop you shall be greeted by the world’s largest statue of Goddess Durga (the Hindu Idol) and adjacent to it the Indian Ocean’s tallest statue of Lord Shiva’s. Everyone from all walks of life have visited this place and then you can continue your ride towards the Black River Natural reserves of Mauritius. Stop at the Alexandra Falls Viewpoint, you shall find yourself surrounded by Mountain range and look far over the coastline hiding through the mountains, a majestic view of the entire Black River Bay from above, with the Waterfall and Mountains to your sides.

chamarel main.jpg

Moving further to Chamarel, where you can visit the 7 colored earth, the Chamarel Rhumerie and sneak a peak at the Chamarel Waterfall, which is as tall as the Statue of Liberty. And finally end your day by driving down to the beach and enjoy some sea and Sand. From Chamarel you can go to Le Morne Beach on the Southwest side of the island( which is opposite the historical site of the Salves Monument) or go to Tamarin or Flic en Flac Beach on the West Coast. If you are avid of Photos and Sightseeing, this trip will be just for you; and are all this can be covered up within 4 to 5 hours!

le-morne-horse-riding-trail (1)

When you look up for tours in Mauritius or the top attractions, in Mauritius the best way to go about is by hiring a car and getting your curious hat on. And oh, don’t forget to have the Discover Mauritius – Travel Guide Mobile app that you can use at any given time of your journey. Besides, it works offline and gets handy for offline google maps making it easier for you to travel around!

What are you waiting for then?

Get, set and Go!

White Sand of Mauritius Beaches.

Surrender to the tranquility of Mauritius Beaches.

Islands often have their own vibes. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the very hectic lives in the fast lane, you always look out for that one place to relax, forget all your worries and just be idle. Well, what better place than to be on this Tropical Paradise? Even better, be at ease, feel the powdered white sand and listen to the gentle roaring of the ocean waves at the surreal Mauritius Beaches. The island has got many private beaches as well as public.

Flic en Flac

Here is a list of the best beaches around Mauritius that we know you will absolutely adore! Our number one choice is Flic en Flac Beach in Mauritius. You are surrounded by all amenities around the coast line so it gets easy if you are a tourist and if you require anything at the last moment. There is a shopping center, a supermarket, Continental restaurants, bikes on rent, police station, pharmacies, serviced apartments for stay and most importantly, it is less crowded and clean.

blue bay

The second choice would be Blue Bay Beach in Plaisance, Mauritius where nature takes you by surprise! The waters are crystal clear and you can also see the stunning coral reef. Just take a towel and a few cold beers and you are all set. It is one of the best beaches in Mauritius for swimming and Snorkeling. Also the airport is nearby so when you lie down, you can see the giant metal birds flying above you reminding you of your return with the special memories of this island!


If you are a party animal and like people, the third one you need to visit is Pereybere Beach in the Northwest region. Pereybere has a lot to offer. There is a good range of restaurants in the area, beach hawkers and the local tour operators. Make sure that you can book that dolphin cruise or big game fishing trip when you are here.

Dont forget to put on that sunscreen and overall, have a great time as these Mauritius Beaches will not only take you by surprise, but will leave you wanting for more!

Travelling with Kids to Mauritius!


No Doubt, you as a parent are an avid traveler and as for the little ones, When you are ready, They are ready! We know two things that amaze you – The first is how much joy you can get from peeking out a plane window with a toddler who claims to see people, dolphins swimming in a blue ocean 30,000 feet below. The second is how much there is to discover about traveling as a family. What better way to start their travel plans than taking them to experience the tropical paradise? Feeding giant tortoises, making friends with the tropical birds or just building sand castles by the beach? Mauritius is where they would love to be!

Travelling with children in Mauritius presents no particular problem. If your kid is a reader, then there’s a wonderful series of English-language cartoon books of local publications such as In Dodoland, SOS Shark and Meli-Melo in the Molasses. Moreover, there are many adventurous and interactive activities for the Kids as well as for the entire family to enjoy!

For beautiful Nature Parks and Rides which a family must visit is La Vanille Reserve (Crocodile Park) in the South of the Island. The park is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of prawns and fish as well as Giant Tortoises and Crocodiles. You get the chance to feed, pet and play with the tortoises, something your Kids will never forget!

Another Bird Park and Adventure driven encounter is at Casela nature park in Black River area. This is where you as an Adult can enjoy the serene nature this park has to offer as well as the kids having the opportunity to live the life of a Zoo Keeper for a day keeping them actively busy and happy for hours! Activities such as petting farm, feeding Giraffes and Giant Tortoises, distributing food to the Koi carps are a few to list among the many.

As kids are always inquisitive, heading to the Curious corners of Chamarel would be the best Idea. it is a house filled with a variety of astounding delusional fantasies. You need atleast an hour and a half to enjoy the whole experience of this place. As soon as you walk in, your brain, is tricked with the conundrums and artifices, set to get your straight forward thinking a shake. Curious Corner is a house of fun packed illusions with adventures to be enjoyed with friends and families which are set out for your entertainment or even frustration!

With all that ocean surrounding you, It’s time to discover underwater life! You can go to the Mauritius Aquarium where the adults can walk on the Ocean Floor and the kids can have a private pool with access to special species to interact with! Upon visiting, you will discover the Crown squirrelfish and the Devil Firefish as well as a number of baby sharks! Also, get ready to see neon bright, glowing yellows, fluorescent greens, purples and other amazing colors you probably didn’t believe could be found in any marine wildlife.

Go ahead and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime! If you ever need assistance regarding specific requests for your child, The Discover Mauritius team is always here to make your stay memorable. You can call us on +230 5445 7480 or email us on .