Lord Ganesha comes to Paradise!

Come join the celebration as It’s Lord Ganesha’s birthday! Mauritius being a hub of cultural mélange, one would not exclude this auspicious Hindu festival. Most of them are familiar with Ganesha’s story, but for some of you who aren’t, here is how it goes: Hindus celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi, as a day on which lord Ganesha, the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati was born. The birthday of lord Ganesha is celebrated on the fourth day of the lunar month of August/September. Lord Ganesha is symbolized as the god of wisdom and the god who removes all the obstacles in path of its followers and thus he is also called “Vignaharta” meaning ‘remover of obstacles’.

You might also wonder as to why does Ganesh have an Elephant’s head? As usual, legends abound. It all began when Parvati, who is the consort of Lord Shiva, was having a bath. She rubbed some dust and oil from her body and created the shape of a boy and infused life into the shape and that is how Ganesha was born. Parvati told her son to guard the door when she was bathing. Lord Shiva came to visit and Ganesh would not let him in. How was Ganesh supposed to know Shiva was his father? So he fought with Shiva and Ganesha’s head was severed in the ensuing scuffle. As you can imagine Goddess Parvati was very upset. She asked Lord Shiva to bring her son back to life. Shiva sent his men to look for a head replacement for Ganesh. The brief was to bring the head of the first living creature they find facing North which is a direction associated with wisdom and the rest is history! But why would Shiva put an Elephant head on his Son? The elephant head symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. An elephant does not bypass obstacles, it removes them and walks ahead. Devotees believe that worshipping Ganesh will bring these qualities to them and remove their difficulties so they can achieve their goals. His big ears means Ganesh listens to the prayers of his devotees.



During the festival you will witness processions of devotees happily dancing and chanting on the roads, everyone around carrying colorful figurines of Lord Ganesh on small platforms with great enthusiasm. The sound of drums, cymbals and bells will undoubtedly put you in a trance! Such is the enthusiasm of this festival and not only that, it is scientifically stated that the vibrations of the chants used during Ganesh Festival, literally cleanse the mental tensions and other negativity in the body, which is why some people are lost into the musical orchestra formed by the drum beats and other instruments!

If you would like to be a part of the ceremony, you can visit the Tookay Temple in Savanne District or Grand Bassin ( Ganga Talao ) during Immersion day of the Idols! This year, the festival falls on the 25th of August, 2017.

Ganpati Bappa, Moryaa!!!





Winter in Mauritius

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming!

Well, you won’t even feel it though. It’s a Paradise Island remember? Whether you are coming from Asia where the Winter freezes your Bones or coming from the West where the Winter paints the whole city white, The Paradise has got its own ways to keep its temperature just right!

Winter in Mauritius is cold but you can still survive the chills. The temperature during this season in Mauritius is around 21 – 24 degrees Celsius. Astonished? You can just wear a sweater or a Pullover and for the first time in your life, not layer yourself with scarves and hide into them. The country has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months.


The weather is very pleasant and allows the visitors to have perfect holidays all the year round. You can decide to come to Mauritius at any time of the year and you will be sure to have a comfortable weather during your stay. Mauritius is not far from the tropic of Capricorn, accordingly the sun is at its highest point longer than in other destinations in the world. This is why Mauritius benefits many hours of bright sunny skies all year round. You can call this a Reverse effect of seasons compared to the weather conditions back home fellas!

Would you prefer to enjoy a good day by the beach or in those dark gloomy rooms under the blankets? So when it is time for the Snowmen to come, just take a flight and make the right choice!

Mauritius – It’s a Pleasure!






Come Dance with us!

The Mauritian Way of Life: Joy and Liveliness. And it couldn’t be more precisely expressed than the traditional folklore – Sega. The Sega is a dance which originated from the habitual music of Madagascar and the mainland of Africa. It was originally sung by men and women who had been sold as slaves but whose souls had remained sensitive to music, the Sega is nowadays a folksong which has incorporated itself within the framework of their folklore!

The Sega/Seggae is usually sung in Creole language, the Local tongue of Mauritius and has preserved the uniqueness and cultural richness of the local music of Mauritius. There were a numerous different musical instruments that were used to compose the tropical rhythm of Sega. However, the original instruments are fast disappearing, making way for the more conventional orchestra ensemble. Yet, all along the coastal fishing villages, the traditional instruments such as the ‘Ravanne’, ‘Triangle’ or the ‘Maravanne’ and the traditional guitar are still being used.


The dance itself is the rhythmic swaying of the hips to the pulsating rhythm of the Ravanne. Let us take you on a vivid imagination of how this beat will get you groovin’! The man usually stands in the dancing area with hands on the hips waiting for the girl to shuffle towards him, wiggling, hip-balancing and waving a colorful handkerchief invitingly. Then the partners face each other with a waist-and-shoulder grasp and the improvisation starts. It starts with a gentle swaying, to a slow and solemn tune, which gradually rises and you find the dancers swaying with animated movements to keep pace with the ever-increasing tempo. The beat creeps inside you and as your body responds to the rhythm, you are carried to heights of ecstasy, generating a vibrating force that shakes the “lead” off your feet and inspires you to a high-spirited and free way of dancing.

Tiring perhaps, but exhilarating! Never mind if your movement does not follow the rhythm … Simply carry on dancing and you will be amazed how rhythm and movements synchronize afterwards. The Sega is a cry from the soul trying to transcend the miseries and heartaches of life, while at the same time expressing the universal human desire for joy and happiness. It tells the joys and sorrows of the peasants and the fishing folks. It is a nostalgic heritage of the villagers. Its beats, gripping in intensity, now provide entertainment to Mauritians of all walks of life in towns and villages. Today the Sega and its beat are a part of every Mauritian’s life.

If you ever come across this vivid form of expression, just let yourself go and we assure you, You will have felt immense peace with yourself!





Delicious Mauritius!

You see, when east met west, that is when Mauritius was born! If you are an avid food lover and love to try all the cuisines, look nowhere but here. They don’t call it paradise for no reason. Paradise for foodlovers? Oh hell yeah! Asian, Indian, Italian, African the melange of all countries is served on your plate. If your taste buds have started to tingle by this idea, there are a few noted local cuisines that you must not miss.

Alouda – Like we earlier mentioned, it is inspired from the Indian famous Falooda drink. Falooda is a very delicious and yummy beverage-dessert that is flavored with Rose syrup. Key ingredients are basil seeds, vermicelli , sweetened milk and ice cream. Alouda as it is being so lovingly known here has been serving from generations to generations really. From the smallest to the elderly, everyone is a fan! A refreshing and ultimate quench to your thirst on a hot summer day! The most preferential ones are being sold at the Central Market in Port Louis. Else you can still find a good glass of this anywhere around the island. And they are so mouth-wateringly creamy, topped with a dollop of ice cream, who in their sanity would ever say No?

Samosa – The eating habits of the Mauritians without doubt reflect the ethnic diversity of its people: Creole rougailles, Indian curries, Muslim bryanis, Chinese sweet-and-sour pork, French traditional dishes and so on! Another fascinating derivation from the Indian Subcontinent is Samosa. You can recognize the samosa immediately because of its triangle shape. The outside of the samosa is made of dough, filled with for example cheese, potato (vegetable version) or fish and are deep fried. Stop counting your calories, rather count your holidays! You can buy samosas on the street and at local and Indian restaurants. Another must-try local snack!



Gateaux Piment (Chili Cakes) – In Mauritius you can consider the deep fried snacks as the real Mauritian street food. We can find different kinds of them and we found out that the Gateaux Piment or Chilli Cakes if literally translated, is king of snacks here! These are an ideal snack for an afternoon tea or even served before dinner, occasions or if you are just hanging out! These crisp, crunchy poppers are quite a bit like falafel but what is most exciting about these chili poppers is their intense, fresh flavor. Each bite reveals earthy nips of cumin seed, springy green onion and cilantro sprigs, all tossed around in a golden turmeric glow. Talk about epic comfort food!


A Warning. You will certainly be left wanting for more! Bon Apetit!





Fishing in Mauritius

Whoever said – ‘There are plenty of Fish in the sea’ is absolutely right! At least if he was a Mauritian! Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is ideally positioned to access the countless exciting species of fish that are recurrent in the warm, tropical waters.

Since its early days fishing has been a significant part in every-day life of the local Mauritians. Even today, if you happen to be travelling along the various beaches of Mauritius you are sure to find many fishermen standing inside the lagoons and trying to catch some fish to bring home to their families or to sell at the local markets.

Depending on the time of the year it is also possible to catch Blue or Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellow fin Tuna, Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Bonito, Dolphin fish, Sharks and many more. If fishing for tuna could appeal to you, you might be interested in knowing that Mauritius has claimed Yellow Tail tuna and white tuna of well over two hundred pounds each! By now, we can assure that your empty stomach is already growling for that taste and adventure!


One thing the locals are a masters of is an expertise at Deep Sea Fishing! This has been practiced by the locals for many years and by now is famous across the Island! For any fan of fishing, You ought to try the Deep-Sea fishing. It is a spectacular experience one can seek in Mauritius any time of the year, making this Island one of the most ideal places for deep-sea fishing in the world! This is one of the most exciting adventures you can possibly have, so it is absolutely essential that you schedule some time for it when you are planning your vacation to this Paradise Island.

Now fasten your cords and leap into the ocean to catch your next big one! Don’t forget to share your win on the Discover App!




Из России в Маврикий (From Russia To Mauritius)

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 20.23.38

We are overwhelmed by the tremendous increase of Russian citizens’ interest in this tiny Paradise Island! With over 32 flights from Moscow, you now have the opportunity to explore and make the best of your holiday planning in your desired budget!

Like every cloud has a silver lining, you now have this chance to plan your own itinerary and set your budget to a realistic one so in the end, you get the maximum benefit of actually planning your much awaited vacation, your own way!

First things first, here is what you need to know. No agency is going to help you out with such an information, so take out your pens and paper and note this down! If you are a tourist traveling from Moscow to Mauritius, the average air ticket price from Moscow – Domodedovo Airport to Mauritius is 60,000 RUB if you chose to travel by Emirates Airlines. There are no direct flights available due to the distance hence, usually you shall have a stopover at Dubai and further change your flight towards Mauritius. The duration of the flight depends from 16 – 17 hours. Other Flights such as Air France seem to take longer duration and expensive. So you can prefer to chose your airline if you have a lesser rate available.

Upon arrival, you can book a cab which will cost you around 1500 Rs. The total price from and back to the airport would be around 3000 Rs. MUR

For your accommodation of 4Nights and 5 Days, your stay price will be around €59(euros) per night. You can chuck the same old five star hotel which are usually located far away on the Island and rather book a serviced apartment which is a minute walk from the beach! How beautiful is that! Look at Silverleaf Apartments located in Flic en Flac, the tourist hub of Mauritius, http://www.silverleafmauritius.com as they have studio and 2BHK rooms which are luxurious and at affordable prices! You have everything you need and we guarantee, you will call this your home!

Now what? You want to explore the Island? Take a visit to Ile Aux Cerfs or the Island of Deers and get enchanted. This trip (including land transfers to East Coast and back + speedboat Transfer to island + GRSE waterfall visit + BBQ lunch) will cost you minimum 3000 MUR per person, the prices can go down if there are more than 3 people accompanying on the tour. You can go on your much awaited shopping spree in this tax haven and explore other activities such as Dolphin watching, Catamaran Cruise, Parasailing, Undersea Walk, A walk with Lions and much more within a range of 3000 MUR per person!

With all that Information, there is nothing stopping you now! To plan your perfect holiday, just download the Discover Mauritius Mobile app and fill up the Plan Your Trip section, the rest will be looked after for you!

Happy Holidays!





Discover Welcomes Russia! Солнце, море, пляжи – Приезжайте на Маврикий!

Privetstvuyu! from Mauritius! Over a month full of persistence and mingling with tourists all over the world and bringing forth an Application that has worked successfully in favor of the travelers and wanderers from every corner of the Earth, Discover™ Mauritius is proud to open its gates for the largest country in the world, the land of Soviets – Russia!

Within a span of few weeks from its Official Launch, Panda & Wolf’s Discover™ Mauritius Mobile App has increased the visibility of this tiny Paradise Island and has helped all the travelers to explore the unseen and unconventional beauty of Mauritius. With over 500,000 visitors, this app has been a revolutionary concept allowing the tourists to discover the Mauritian Island without having the restriction of the new age problems. How? Clearly, there has been, rather there is no other application or website that works Offline! That being said, majority of tourists have the very problem of having a good Wi Fi or internet access when on their journey on this Island. Hence, this app has proven to be efficient in allowing the users to wander without any inhibitions of having a ‘network’!

Having over 10,000 visitors from Russia this April on the Mobile App and ever increasing number, we are happy to guide you towards the Mauritian Island.

If you are traveling from Russia to Mauritius, the usual Flights start from $450 or 25,800 RUB can be boarded from Moscow. And if you wish to plan your perfect holiday, we have an even bigger news! Send us a Message through the ‘Plan your Trip’ section, and let us handle the rest for you!

Now all you have to do is, Pack your bags and keep your passport ready! The Paradise awaits you…