Your Mauritian Cuppa Tea!


“Would you like to have some Tea?” is the first thing that pops out if you meet and greet someone. Certainly, when in Mauritius, this is probably what you will notice if you are invited over by your Mauritian Friends! Grown, picked, traded and sipped for centuries, this beloved beverage is considered as the Islanders’ passion that never seems to wane. Mauritius is a producer of tea, initially on a small scale when the French introduced the plant into the island around 1765. It was under later British rule that the scale of tea cultivation increased.


Tea drinking allows for socializing and is commonly being served to guests and in the workplace. The Mauritian people usually consume black tea, often with milk and sugar. But as the tropical paradise has its array of flavors to offer, so does their cup of Tea. Flavors such as Mint, Cardamom, Citron, Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Peach, and Fruit Punch are at the top spots of peoples’ choices. Not just these, you also have Tea Infusions that have intense aroma and a rich mauve color that will elevate your senses by just a sip!

As a visitor you can explore this fervor by following the Tea Route at the Bois Cheri tea plantation – a culinary and cultural journey into the history of tea production in Mauritius. Followed by Domaine des Aubineaux in Forest Side, a little way south of Curepipe, where the town gives way to a more rustic area. Their beautiful gardens, a handsome colonial house-turned-museum filled with antiques, paintings, vintage photographs and furniture from the East India Company are the perfect getaway for some Tea tasting. Wide ranges of infusions are offered: flavored black tea (plain, mint, coconut, bergamot, earl grey, lemon or vanilla), herbal teas (with ayapana, lemongrass or ginger) and green teas – plain or with jasmine.


Finally, make your way towards the Bois Cheri factory. You’ll pass by an old locomotive’s steam engine once used to dry out tealeaves. Grab a cup of tea in hand – and gaze down on an ancient volcanic crater now transformed into a small lake, surrounded by century-old trees and admire the panoramic views from the wooden terrace.


Feeling relaxed already!

We all Scream for Ice Cream! – Icecream Parlours in Mauritius

You may not be as good at Math, but one equation everyone knows for sure is
Ice Cream Lovers = Everybody!

When in Mauritius, you won’t fail to notice the colorful vans passing by the streets or at halt on the beach side. Nearly everyone savors the taste of this ancient dessert! Of course, this tropical paradise has its own flavors to be explored from Delicious Sorbets to Dairy made flavors, this versatile dessert also has its own history on the Island.

Now that we got you tempted, the first place you need to run towards is ‘Vona Corona’ located in the heart of Rose Hill. Started as a small passion almost 90 years ago with a single icecream maker and some door to door sales, today it is the word on every citizen’s tongue, not for the brand, but for the emotion. Vona Corona offers homemade icecream of unmatchable quality and even after nine decades, its taste is undisputable! A must try on your visit.

You can then head towards Magic Icecream in Port Louis, where you can taste the dessert served in rolls. It is very amusing to watch the chef prepare your Icecream over a cold stone and scrape it off making the icecream roll up in cigar shapes. You can enjoy a variety of flavors such as KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, Cherry and many more. We urge you to try their Magic Cornetto for some extra chills!

Another one for your fantasy island trip is La Dolce Vita – Gelato Italiano coffee shop in Beau Bassin. Although they call themselves a coffee shop, you cannot miss on the array of ice cream flavors which gets everyone hooked! All you marshmallow lovers, say Aye! They have new flavors of Marshmallow and Guava among a variety of others.

Like they say, Money Can’t buy everything, but it sure gets you an Ice cream!

Now go and make sure you eat that cone 🙂