Travelling with Kids to Mauritius!


No Doubt, you as a parent are an avid traveler and as for the little ones, When you are ready, They are ready! We know two things that amaze you – The first is how much joy you can get from peeking out a plane window with a toddler who claims to see people, dolphins swimming in a blue ocean 30,000 feet below. The second is how much there is to discover about traveling as a family. What better way to start their travel plans than taking them to experience the tropical paradise? Feeding giant tortoises, making friends with the tropical birds or just building sand castles by the beach? Mauritius is where they would love to be!

Travelling with children in Mauritius presents no particular problem. If your kid is a reader, then there’s a wonderful series of English-language cartoon books of local publications such as In Dodoland, SOS Shark and Meli-Melo in the Molasses. Moreover, there are many adventurous and interactive activities for the Kids as well as for the entire family to enjoy!

For beautiful Nature Parks and Rides which a family must visit is La Vanille Reserve (Crocodile Park) in the South of the Island. The park is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of prawns and fish as well as Giant Tortoises and Crocodiles. You get the chance to feed, pet and play with the tortoises, something your Kids will never forget!

Another Bird Park and Adventure driven encounter is at Casela nature park in Black River area. This is where you as an Adult can enjoy the serene nature this park has to offer as well as the kids having the opportunity to live the life of a Zoo Keeper for a day keeping them actively busy and happy for hours! Activities such as petting farm, feeding Giraffes and Giant Tortoises, distributing food to the Koi carps are a few to list among the many.

As kids are always inquisitive, heading to the Curious corners of Chamarel would be the best Idea. it is a house filled with a variety of astounding delusional fantasies. You need atleast an hour and a half to enjoy the whole experience of this place. As soon as you walk in, your brain, is tricked with the conundrums and artifices, set to get your straight forward thinking a shake. Curious Corner is a house of fun packed illusions with adventures to be enjoyed with friends and families which are set out for your entertainment or even frustration!

With all that ocean surrounding you, It’s time to discover underwater life! You can go to the Mauritius Aquarium where the adults can walk on the Ocean Floor and the kids can have a private pool with access to special species to interact with! Upon visiting, you will discover the Crown squirrelfish and the Devil Firefish as well as a number of baby sharks! Also, get ready to see neon bright, glowing yellows, fluorescent greens, purples and other amazing colors you probably didn’t believe could be found in any marine wildlife.

Go ahead and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime! If you ever need assistance regarding specific requests for your child, The Discover Mauritius team is always here to make your stay memorable. You can call us on +230 5445 7480 or email us on .